Violent Femmes

A rite of passage band for outsider kids who are too hip for The Doors or Pink Floyd. They work for adults too.

Information: Violent Femmes Official Homepage
Suggested first purchase/album: Violent Femmes
Suggested best of: Permanent Record--The Very Best of Violent Femmes

Really Like It Violent Femmes (1983) -- Crazy how much like a good 90s indie rock album this sounds. The vocals / acoustic guitar /bass / (snare) drum arrangements are brilliant and unlike anything else from the time. The lyrics, delivery, and vocal stylings are really sleazy in an irresistible way, especially if you're a teenager or college student. This album is sort of the Catcher in the Rye of music. If you're over 18 and haven't heard this yet, you have some catching up to do. "Blister in the Sun" is the most famous track, but almost every other track is just as worthy.

Really Like It Hallowed Ground (1985) -- The 1990s would eventually have Weezer's first album followed by Pinkerton.  The 80s had the Violent Femme's first album (also self-titled) followed by Hallowed Ground.  Sometimes a gospel album, but always spiritual, folksy, or simply gutty, this one features songs about child murder, water (walking on it, rain, floods), black girls, and of course Jesus.  I guess it wasn't as popular because it didn't have lyrics about "staining sheets" or whatever, but it should have been (and should be) as recognized as the first one.

Like It 3 (1989) -- This isn't a bad album at all, but it doesn't have that same spunk that made the first one so interesting and different.  Instead, this sounds like a band with a unique delivery who can write some pretty good songs, if not classic ones.  "Nightmares" is good and poppy, "Lies" is kind of fun, and "See My Ships" is kind of moving.

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