The White Stripes

Jack and Meg White. They're the guys who wear red and white.

Information: The White Stripes
Suggested first purchase: White Blood Cells

White Blood Cells (2001) -- Just a bunch of good songs. The White Stripes aren't the best band in the world, but if all you have is radio, I suppose they are. Highlights include "Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground," "Hotel Yorba," "Fell In Love with a Girl," the nice lyrics of "Little Room," and the pretty "We're Going To Be Friends." B

Elephant (2003) -- Starting with the absolutely great "Seven Nation Army," this is a better album than its predecessor, though in a way it's more of the same. In actual fact, I'm sick of them. Maybe I'll like them again in a few years, but their over-ratedness gets on my nerves. B

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