Wite Trazsh Bratts

Rusty Spell's nephews are let loose in front of microphones while he serves as their backing band.

Information: 'nikcuS Productions
Suggested First Purchase: Lost Innocence EP

Lost Innocence EP (2003) -- Rusty Spell's dream of record little kids on a rock and roll record is realized (sort of) here. He'd done work with the Ka-9's (though mostly just let them do their own thing) and even recorded a children's album, but -- as he explains -- this is a record made by children for adults. There's a parental warning on the label, and it's not just a joke: the eleven and eight year old nephews say words they can't say on TV as well as sing about drugs and other mature subjects. It's like Adam Sandler, only they're not acting like kids: just being them. B

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