Like the twentieth picture of Carrie pointing at a bird.

One of the few kissy shots of us that isn't totally gross to look at.  Though if you look carefully, you can see bird doo.

We get festive with Halloween lights.

Amberjack's on South Padre Island: one year later.  They gave us the same table.

"Every day and every night we are really outta sight. Frankie's here, so's Annett. We're having fun, looking wet. We're at the beach. We're having fun. We're always surfing dusk till dawn. It's so hard to keep our swimsuits on. I'm gonna get me a groovy tan so's I can get me a groovy man.  We're at the beach. We're having fun."
So there, Carrie.  A complete Stephin Merritt song that isn't depressing.

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