Disney World
May 2004 -- Carrie Hoffman and Rusty Spell

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This is the Wilderness Lodge, the in-the-park resort where we stayed. It has a fake geyser that goes off every hour, but we never saw that happen because we were always at the parks. The boat took us across the water to the Magic Kingdom, but we had to take the non-magical bus for direct transport to anywhere else.

I'm doing these pictures out of order. We didn't go to Animal Kingdom until the fourth day, but I'm getting it out of the way because we didn't like it and only stayed two hours. These are your protagonists in front of the Tree of Life, in which there are the images of 325 animals. Sadly, it's one of the coolest things about the park. The motto for Animal Kingdom is "Nahtazu," a made-up African word that apologizes for them being... a zoo.

On the Kilamanjaro Safaris, you get to see real animals as opposed to animatronic ones, but I prefer the latter. I did get a kick out of seeing this baby elephant, however. Yes, he's real.

The last picture from the Animal Kingdom is this one of Carrie in DinoLand U.S.A., perhaps the best part of the park because it is designed like a fair and has a roller coaster.

On our third day, we went to EPCOT. EPCOT is famously boring, but we had a lot of fun there anyway. They had some sort of Home Depot Garden Festival while we were there, and this is a Fantasia-themed display we stood in front of while a Disney photographer took our picture and asked if we were honeymooners. It looks like we are.

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