Disney World

Carrie is a wri-ter. Wri-ters are so bored with Disney World.

Eating at the Backlot Express, maybe the best place we ate because the "fancier" places we ate at were overpriced and not much better than these hamburgers and fries.

Sweet Spells. We can't resist puns.

This was the first picture I took at Disney World, of Carrie in front of Dinosaur Gertie's Ice Cream of Extinction. The original plan was to recreate as many Tommy and Rusty pictures as possible, but I gave up on that idea after a few minutes and only did a few.

More Coke. This picture was taken by our favorite Disney guy who got really excited when the fountain spray went off. "Aw, perfect!" Carrie and I have discussed perhaps going around taking pictures of us in front of oversized objects for a photo collection.

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