Disney World
April 1993 -- Tommy Burton and Rusty Spell

This pictures are legendary. Tommy and I look at them way too much. We're probably looking at them now. We took this trip in April of 1993, when we were seniors in high school, and we went with the Pearl High School band, though you won't see too many band people here: we hoarded all the fun. Enjoy.

Cinderella's Castle. I could look at this all day long.

Me and my sister. This is us at the bus. We love Greyhound buses most kindly.

Me hugging Dawn Tarbox, the gal I've been in love with for years, though she'll never know it (unless she finds this). That's Tommy off to the side holding his ring. He's the other star of the show. Scattered others in the background looking confused.

Tommy and I hanging out with Kelly Bradshaw, one of the few people we let into our circle this trip. We like the good-looking peeps. They make us look cool, which we are anyway.

And David, the guy that Tommy and I hung out with most (when not just frolicking together). Yes, it's the end of page one and only one Disney World picture (a teaser), but we're warming into the park shots.

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