Disney World

The monorail. Tommy, David, and I rode with the captain. We were incredibly excited, though the captain ended up being not quite the Vaudvillian that everyone else in the park was. Instead, he told us how he would have preferred it if we were girls with short skirts so he could look up them.

We framed Roger Rabbit.

When I first went to Disney World at age ten, I was Robin Hood-obsessed (the character in general, not necessarily the fox, though I liked the fox too). I remember saying that he was the only animal I cared about seeing. So I made sure I saw him again this time.

Goofy tooth and Tommy.

As we all know, those commercials showing Mickey Mouse greeting the small children at the entrance of The Magic Kingdom are complete lies. However, if you stroll around Epcot Center long enough, you might be lucky enough to run into Colonial Mickey, who is just as classy for our money. Tommy and the fake mouse.

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