Disney World

Cute gals: we love 'em. This is Kelly and Patti again, and introducing Nikki in the middle. We're with them here on the Wedway People Mover, which I'll discuss soon.

Patti on the teacups. This picture perfectly caputures what happiness is and what we all live for day by day.

Though not an aesthetically-pleasing picture, this is an important one because it's the Wedway People Mover, a ride that shows you around Tommorowland, propelled by a series of magnets that push and pull at speeds up to 40 miles an hour, though that kind of speed is reserved for faster rides like Space Mountain. We love the Wedway.

The best thing about this picture is the disgusted and confused look Tommy gave me when he saw it. It's from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, now gone. A league is a unit of distance, not depth.

A postcard shot of Splash Mountain.

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