The Blue Hysteria

In the Winter's time came the blue hysteria.
Sadness stroked the cities and towns and villages like a warm hand.
Old people looked up and birds flew out of their eyes.
Policeman chased their heads down the street.
Banks fell and hearts flowered.
The line in the park that had been drawn and stakes outside caught fire,
Alighting bums, who guffawed, holding their sides.
Misery candied churches,
Which were devoured by children wagging bluegreen tongues.
Monkey'd canoes shot into the sky.
Motorinos leaped off bridges into the sun.
Animals were given people-names, like Dale and Pinky.
The moon dipped way down deep into the silent shifting blue
And soon the world became tired and light with the white silence
Of the coming blue fires.
Time turned itself in, bedraggled, wrists up.
Who could have known?

Somewhere in the blue hysteria, this record was born. Special thanks to Jeff Kulawick, Warner-Chappell Music, and Dave Teichroeb of DROG Records for keeping the air in our tires and to Paul Davies and our crew (Roger, Gary, Andrew, and Tim) for keeping the place nice. Cheers to Tyson Parker for his superior publicity, and to Paul MacLeod, Dave Clark, and Dave Spratt for inspiring music on this record. Upturned thumbs to the Tragically Hip, and to Kevin Hearn and Bob Wiseman and Farm Fresh for sharing the stage with us over the past year; the year Ruedi was born (so thank you, as well, to Lisa).

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