Famous People Who've Been Here

The following list includes those who have written me concerning my page who I declare famous. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. If you're famous and would like to be on this list, drop me a line.

  1. Dave Teichroeb (DROG man)
  2. Dave Bidini (Rheostatics rhythm guitarist)
  3. Casey McGlynn (People of Earth member)
  4. Mike Whaley (legendary Whale Mail head honcho)
  5. Mike McWilliams (Rheos homepage author)
  6. Gene Hardy (Bourbon Tabernacle Choir saxophonist)
  7. Martin Tielli (Rheostatics lead guitarist)
  8. Skinny (Canadian solo artist)
  9. Loc Dao (producer of RealTime)
  10. Julia Pietrus (unsigned Canadian solo artist; the Julia in "Never Forget"; groovy chick)
  11. Chris Minz (Dr. Minz and the Chronic Harmonic)
  12. Michael Philip-Wojewoda (Rheostatics producer and drummer)
  13. Tamara Williamson (Mrs. Torrence member)
  14. Keith Greene (the "Keith" in the live "Wendell Clark")
  15. Spencer Mussellam (road manager of early days; third star of Melville hockey match)
  16. Gord Bretsen (member of Toronto band Side III)
  17. Scott Dobson (hockey announcer on Melville and director of the videos for "Wendel Clark" and "Record Body Count")
  18. Rick Winkle (singer for the Vital Sines; used to do sound for Rheos; misunderstood me as someone who disliked his band)
  19. Shauna de Cartier (of Six Shooter Records)
  20. George Karrys (Olympic Silver Medalist in curling, 1998)
  21. Verge Manyen (member of Quaker Youth Ensemble)

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