Introducing Happiness

"Brobdingnag!" blurted Mackenzie Kingfisher, wobbling weak-kneed at the bow of his ship. Below him, four lads emerged from the deep and splashed to the surface shooting fountains of water from their gills. "Play me a Neptoon!" the fat drunken giant demanded, kicking his tackle box into the sea, lures shooting everywhere. But instead the swimmers dived below the undertow to warn nurse sharks and angeltrout and visionary flounders and hammerhead and buddy-over-there of the giant's turpitude. They swam deeper yet, scaling the Tongue of the Ocean, awakening dead sailors lying on the bottom whose lives had been wasted sighing "skookum" before snapping open endless rusted cans of sand, sweet sand. Soon, the sea became baren. The giant kneeled down, vomited and collapsed. By this time the swimmers had dragged their tails onto Turtle Isle, where they shouted "Carp diem!" and dashed to a clearing in the forest, upturning great wooden drums and singing into giant wooden drums and singing into giant conch shells, triggering a wild rustling of footsteps throughout the jungle. Below them the brown earth shook Gadunger! Look, into the sky! A stargazer!

The above fantasy contains album titles that didn't make it. This one did: Introducing Happiness.

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