The Band

Dave Bidini [the writer]: rhythm -- Acoustic Guitar, Basement Guitar, Bass, Bee Gees, Bubble-Basin Voice, Chorus, Conga, Ding-Dongs, Drums, Electric Guitar, Feedback Guitar, Hit and Run Transmission, Lego, Lyrics, Melodica, Nashville Guitar, Nylon-String Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Squeezy Box, Toys, Transliteration, Vocals.

Dave Clark [the poet]: drums (1980-1995) -- Alarm Clock, Andy Moog Synth, Bohdran, Bombo Drum, Drums, Bristol Board Storm, Feedback Guitar, Glockenspiel, Hand Drum, Jaw Harp, Kazoo, Lyrics, Mixing, Nose Horn, Percussion, Piano, Power Tools, Shaker, Shovel and Hoe, Snare, Tambourine, Tin Whistle, Vibes, Vocals.

Don Kerr [the cellist]: drums (1996-2000) -- Bee Gees, Cello, Chorus, Double Bass, Drums, Hand-Claps, Harp, Lyrics, Mixing, Noises, Percussion, Tenor Guitar, Toys, Vocals.

Martin Tielli [the artist]: lead -- Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Bee Gees, Bowed Guitar, Chorus, Cymbal, Distorted Bass, Doubleneck Guitar, E-Bow Guitar, Electric Guitar, The Fuzz, Fuzz Vox, Hammered Tenor Guitar, Hand-Claps, Lyrics, Mixing, Moog, Nashville Guitar, Noise, Nylon String Guitar, Ozzy Screams, Percussion, Piano, Pigeon Flurry, Sitar, Slide Guitar, Steinberger, Synthesizer, Tambourine, Telecaster, 12-String Guitar, Vocals, Vocoded Guitar, Walking Blues Guitar, Whistling.

Tim Vesely [the mysterious]: bass -- Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Bee Gees, Chorus, Double Bass, Drums, Electric Guitar, Five String Bass, Hand-Claps, Keyboard, Logan Synthesizer, Lyrics, Mandolin, Mini-Moog, Mixer, Organ, Percussion, Power Tools, Piano, Shaker Mo, Synthesizer, Upright Bass, Vocals, Water Jug.

Michael Philip Wojewoda [the producer]: drums (2001-present) -- ARP Synthesizer, Bongos, Drum Loop, Drums, Egg Shaker, Electric Rain, Glockenspiel, Guitar, Kitchen Sink, Marimba, Mini-Moog, Mixing, Mouth Percussion, Mouth-Trombone, Ooohs, Organ, Penny Whistle, Piano, Polish Fog Vocal, Sepulchral Yawn, Shaker, Synthesizer, Tambourine, Treatments, Tympani, Vibes, Vocals, Whistling.

Old School
(Martin . Clark . Tim . Dave)

Mid School
(Martin . Tim . Don . Dave)

New School
(Martin . Tim . Dave . Michael)

Other Players

Dave Allen -- Of The High Lonesome Players. Viola, Violin, Vocals.

Devon Armstrong -- Saxophone.

Joey Bechta -- Tambourine, Vocals.

Andrea Bettger -- Violin.

Mike Bonnell -- Music.

Anne Bourne -- Cello, Vocals.

Oswald Bowe -- Da Wizard. Kaliks. Vocals.

Chris Brown -- Of the Bourbon Tabernacle Choir. Organ, Prepared Piano, Trombone.

Richard Burgman -- Of Pyramid of Stupidity Singers. Power Tools, Vocals.

Cecilia -- Kids vocal.

Colin Couch -- Trombone.

Brian Cram -- Trumpet.

Mark Critchley -- The Itch Man. Lyrics.

Dave Crosby -- Old Rheostatics, 1980. Synthesizer.

Matt DeMatteo -- An engineer. Mixing, Power Tools.

Gord Downie -- Of The Tragically Hip. Lyrics.

Linda Duemo -- An engineer. Mixing, Vocals.

Jennifer Foster -- Back ups.

Felicia Francescut -- Jewel of the Mediterranean.

Frank -- Of Soundquest Prod. Record-Scratching.

Doug Friesen -- Trombone.

Dwayne Gale -- Concluding hot licks, Martin's Italian mandolin.

Jon Goldsmith -- Of Nick Buzz. Polish Fog piano.

Ben Gunning -- Lead Guitar.

Gene Hardy -- Of the Bourbon Tabernacle Choir. Soprano Saxaphone, Tenor Saxophone.

Sarah Harmer -- Vocals.

Kevin Hearn -- A fifth Rheostatic. Of Barenaked Ladies. Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Organ, Piano, Samples,Synthesizer, Vocals, Volumetric Infusion Pump, Wingophone.

Tim Heron -- Bristol Board Storm.

Joey -- Of Soundquest Prod. Record-Scratching.

Dan Kurtz -- Violin. Sequencing.

Michael Olsen -- Cello.

Garth Lind -- Of Lind Design. Album designer.

Lorenzo -- Kids vocal.

Joanna Lunetta -- One of the Kids from Harmelodia.

Laura Lunetta -- One of the Kids from Harmelodia.

Selena Martin -- Back ups.

Sjanie McInnis -- Arrangements for the Hamelodian Civil Chamber Ensemble.

Tim Mech -- Of The Bookmen. Electric Guitar. Guitar-carrier and amp-tweaker, van-driver.

Lewis Melville -- Their hero. Banjo, Pedal Steele.

Dave Merritt -- Lyrics, Music, Telephone Vocal.

Janet Morassutti -- DaveB's wife. Lyrics, Narration.

Michael Olsen -- Cello.

Mitchell Pady -- Chorus.

Neal Peart -- That Rush guy. Percussion.

Paul Quarrington -- Revered Author. Lyrics.

Joseph Rolle -- Of Compass Point Studios. Vocals.

Andrew Ruck -- Chorus.

Sadie -- Kids vocal.

Mira Sheard -- Chorus, Vocals.

Jane Siberry -- Solo musician. Lyrics.

Tannis Slimmon -- Of the Bird Sisters. Vocals.

Tyler Sneesby -- Of Farm Fresh. Turntables.

Dave Spratt -- Feedback Guitar.

Gary Stokes -- The band's producer for Double Live.

Chris Stringer -- Keys, samples, synthesizer.

Kurt Swinghammer -- Electronic Treatments, Wingophone Pit Crew and Assistant.

Douglas Tielli -- Of People from Earth. Horns.

Ken Tobias -- Vocals.

Dutch Toko -- Classical Guitar.

Ruedi Jay Narowski-Vesely -- Tim's daughter. Special announcer, kids vocal.

Rod Westlake -- Old Rheostatics, 1980. Drums.

Lisa Wiebe -- Bee Gees.

Tamara Williamson -- Of Mrs. Torrence. Vocals.

Contributing and Related Groups and Persons

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