The Nightlines Sessions

The Pooby Song
by Dave Bidini

It's time for the show, it's time we pitched and rolled,
Hell-bent on everything, and every song we sing.
It's for this year, we've got these giant ears
With massive jellied hearts and heads like shopping carts.
It won't be long before we're gone.

We're more than ever pleased to play our CBC's,
To be on David's show, even though the boat will row.
We'll let it out to sea, we'll take our THC
With arrow rooty, let's meet inside a drum.

Infinity is a great, big lady.
Count to three, then she's gone.
Run to a tree that is big and shady.
Give it three to load, we're on.
And I call this "The Pooby Song."
It won't be long before we're gone.

Junction Foil Ball
by Martin Tielli

Worked up corrugations, thumbs and knuckles, too.
He started humble, and ended justifiably huge.
Oh, fuck you, you never wanted to.
Just got it once, two, three, forever fried.
No one here gets out alive.
You were once foil fresh
Wrapped around your cigarettes.
At 67, you were born, March the 8th.
This inspiration was past due.
What was guilt has become you.

Nine times out of ten, a child rescinds.
Nine times out of ten, blah blah they say.

Eleven foot tall and a ton of time.
Don't let go of so much fun.
Put you in the juction with the big foil ball,
Across the tracks, and upon the mall.

Nine times out of ten, a child rescinds.
Nine times out of ten, or so they say.

Into the slow acoustic timing...

It's a beautiful thing, the way things are.
Canadian Club is all it takes.
Show me the drugs in your mom's room.
This was the thing when I was twelve.

by Dave Bidini

Why'd you have to do it?

Mother said we can't have this.
Why don't you just kiss? Oh oh oh.
She scraped the plate clean with her knife and said,
"You won't be eating this." Oh oh oh.
Paper said that you were a thumb,
That I was a fist. Oh oh oh.
We traded dead, bottled, and fucked,
But we didn't get pissed. Oh oh oh.

The salt upon your lips was sweet.
Put it on repeat.
I was born on an Indian shore.

Sure as the day is long,
As a tree is strong. Oh oh oh.
It's not about coming in first,
It's about getting along. Oh oh oh.
We swam across the lake,
And laid our clothes on the ground. Oh oh oh.
They'll get you here if you are white,
They'll smoke you there if you're brown. Oh oh oh.

Your brothers later would show me their fists.
Remember this:
I was born on an Indian shore.

What's the matter with the world?
You say art. You say die.
What's the matter with the boy?
You ask why. He wouldn't cry.
He couldn't cry.

The city lying over the hill,
Like a giant asleep. Oh oh oh.
I wound my way back to your house,
Was too frightened to sleep. Oh oh oh.
The paper said that I was a fake,
That it was murder or rape. Oh oh oh.
Your body floated still as a leaf,
Your hand as cold as a snake's. Oh oh oh.

The whole world's going out of it's mind.
Put it on rewind.
I was born on an Indian shore.

Henry's Musical Beard
by Dave Bidini

Henry's musical beard, boys...
Come and touch his beard. Sit on his knee.

by Dave Bidini

Majorca... up the straight of Juan Defuca.
I want to look again into blue oceanic eyes.

Though your temperature is chilly,
It's your greenery that kills me.
Fleeting possibility of Orca's passing by.

When the road becomes an ending
Under water weeds are bending.
All succumb, surrendering to the rhythm of the tide.

Majorca... only the boredest get to know you,
To reach the craft ashore you.
On the beaches of Majorca.

Talk to me... I am an ocean sailor.
I've travelled to Majorca across the Java sea.
No wind to take me, no taxi waiting.
I feel the ponsume of your red, red coffee tree.

Majorca... only the lonliest adore you.
We never reap rewards there
On the beaches of Majorca.

Majorca... rising sun of Coast of Orca.
Running bleach-blast wee gents
Playing golf and spilling their wine.

Pour de garcia. Pour non brea pour brea.
Comment y'en t'aime que faber fe non mal.

Majorca.. only the richest can afford you,
But the poorest ones adore you,
And the tourists try to spoil you.
I will forever toil for you,
The beaches of Majorca. My my...

by Martin Tielli

In the early morning, in ugly Manhattan,
Cars slow down and jam then slowly crawl away.
Up and down the avenue, ticker tape and revenue.
I am just an arty, so I write a poem.

In the peak of daytime, in sprawling Manhattan,
I walk along Wall Street, but Wall Street stays the same.
Up and down the avenue, ticker tape around you.
I am a stockbroker so I stand on top of things.

I am musician. People think I'm groovy
Because I saw a movie and think that I'm in it.
Up and down the avenue, Leonard Coen and Lou Reed, too.
The joke's not just on you, it's also on them, too.

Trans Jam
by Rheostatics and Farm Fresh

(Always fresh, never stale, only forgotten.)

I slide over tracks like a toboggan,
Got your noggin boggin',
Tearing down obstacles like some industry lot.
Timber! And I'm seeing oxygen like post-decline,
Pretends to not to want the greasy rhyme.
You picked a fine time to leave me,
But I gave hope.
The hardest thing you ever did was try to quit smoking.
Are you joking? I bring my Walkman to the boss,
Second oxygen mask for all the talk.
Farm Fresh, dropping dogs like dog's perfect store.
Keeps the beat moving, I'm for food, not frogs.
Bring me movies and religion and I'll grab the receipts for 'em.
We're old timers, but you're forgetting who runs ship.
Now and then and past the 2000.
Hi mans, I be hoppin' with the 'Statics, blow your house.
Right from the corner of the earth which could be a heaven.
Duty destroyed, but restored by those seven
Whose media was the canvas. Going crazy like Candis.
From "Self-Serve Gas Station," you know who the band is:
Martin, Tim, and Don, and Dave, a sure-shot from the east,
From the middle trace. Yes, like peace-peace-peace-peace,
We got the peace. Rheostatics, Farm Fresh:
We bring the peace.

I live you spinnin' kinda like a game of chance.
Get your tickets in advance.
I came to enhance the trance, but not the wealth.
Got the bad habit of thinking for myself, trait not to common.
Often watchin' kids get lost in the mix.
Dicks get tossed, then towels get tossed in.
Sour minds and Boston, folks by the dozen
Came to my show for my American cousins.
Well, example of my point on my choice of McDonald's,
Knowing Ronald, not John A. Now we're upon it.
Rock, or should I say Canadian Shield?
Do not yeild, use your mind, instead you level the plane.
Yes, can I get even more emphatic?
Workin' with the Rheostatics,
Now we got you flippin' like an acrobatic.
My name is Art, I'm from the new Farm Fresh,
And it's the music and the art making Canada best.

(Pumpin' and a-thumpin', never stop my groove.)

Baby I Love You
by Martin Tielli

Sittin' by the lake, lookin' at your face,
I realize how much I love you.
I really love you, I wanna kiss you all over your body.
Baby, I love you. You're gonna be my forever lover.

Baby, I love you,
From the moment I saw you standing there it was true.
I'm thinking of you,
With the grass in your toes and the wind in your hair.
I was there. Happy forever,
As long as I'm beside you, you'll be easy to reach.
Close at hand. Together forever,
As long as you're my baby and I'm you're man.

I know it's true,
But I'm so goddamn in love with you.
I know it's true,
Sitting by the river looking down at you.
Where do we go from here?

You know you did you know you did you know you did...
Ah, baby, like a child, I love you...

I know it's true,
But I'm so goddamn in love with you.
I know it's true,
But I'm just so fucking in love with you.
Where do we go from here?
Baby, I love you.
I wanna make you mine.
With your golden hair, and your pink feet.
I wanna kiss you all over my body.

Stolen Car
by Dave Bidini

I dreamed I drove a stolen car.
Thru the fields across the yard.
Taking out the fences that I'd built between all my friends.
Though the snow, they shagged again.
I said goodbye, waved them on their own.
I drove all night. I drove alone.

Goobye suburban mother bone.
For every kid in every home.
Beauty becomes you, be who you are.
If I should rob a corner store.
Or kill a cop who prayed for mercy.
Forgive me, I don't know what made me this way,
But I'll be alright and you'll be okay.

'Cause sometime it's precious to go. (She turnin'.)
No matter how smart you are, how could you know? (She turnin'.)
It's harder than living, it's harder to drive away.

I don't need anger to make me tough.
Acid scars or marijuana.
A dream, a kiss, one final wish.
A girl who's bent to pay my rent;
All these things are disappearing.
The world is swimming, the stars are bright.
I wish I were with you tonight.

It's lethal, it's painless, and it's slow. (She turnin'.)
No matter how smart you are, how could you know? (She turnin'.)
It's harder than living, it's harder to drive away.

Don't Say Goodnight
by Dave Bidini

It's been a long time, so many years.
Don't mind if we cry. We'll dry our tears.
Here for tomorrow, here for the light.
Don't say goodnight...

Copyright (c) Aug 1998 - Feb 2005 by The USA Rheostatics Page