Music Inspired by the Group of 7

Blue Hysteria
by Martin Tielli

Oh, the shape of things that can't be seen...
The blue hysteria--
The hue of sin
Are as real
As the things you deem pure...

Northern Wish
by Dave Bidini and Janet Morassutti

Wake up, raise the curtains
From your deep provincial eyes.
Speak out, for I am certain
That it's no disguise.

And soldiers stopping traffic
Couldn't keep these wheels at bay;
Their guns smoked, then the sun broke,
And we hauled away.

(Land ho!)

And did you get my message
On the People's Radio?
I wrote it in Alberta
Across the prairie spine.

Meanwhile in the forest
In a parliament of trees,
The ink will crack and dry all up,
But the compass will swing anyway.

And we don't need mathematics.
We don't need submarines
To tell how far the land does go
Until it hits the shore.

And mothers of the country
Take two flags and make a sail.
We'll sail the big dominion.
This song is falling...

I built my rocket in a shed.
Gonna launch it from my pad.
Gonna launch it at the sun.

Yellow Days Under a Lemon Sun
by Tim Vesely

Yellow days under a lemon sun,
Merrymaking with everyone.
Memorize all of the days
That don't seem so special till they're gone away.
And then lie down...

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