Frequently Asked Question

"What is Rare Fish? Is it an album? Where can I get these songs?"

I get asked this a lot, so I include this link to say the following: "Rare Fish" is a name Julia Pietrus came up with (and I stole) for unreleased Rheostatics songs. If it isn't on a real album, yet I happen to have either the song or simply the lyrics, then I include them here.

Most of these songs are simply tunes that the boys have recorded or played live or maybe just written the lyrics to that they didn't put on a record for one reason or another (usually the usual ones). However, they're very good, so I thought I would put all the lyrics I could scrounge up in a nice little document for you all.

So, no, it's not an album... Where can you get the songs? I dunno really, because I'm not really sure how I got half of them. I will say this, however: I know that there are more unreleased songs out there that I don't have, so if anyone wants to be nice and send me a copy of the recording/copy of the lyrics, it would only serve to better this page. Many have, and the good music gods have shined upon them...

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