Oh, the Places I Have Been
or: I Actually Don't Get Out That Much

The United States of America

Alabama: Live here now in Auburn.  Visited Birmingham lots before.
Arizona: Walked across the Hoover Dam from Nevada to here.
Arkansas: Visited Little Rock.
California: Made a trip to San Francisco with Carrie for her brother's wedding.
Florida: Disney World and other zillions of vacations, mainly Pensacola and Orlando. Carrie's parents live in Miami.  I was married in Miami.
Georgia: Friends in Atlanta.
Illinois: Friends in Illinois.  Trip to Chicago for Modern Language Association convention.
Kentucky: Friends in Kentucky.
Louisiana: Visited Uncle Gerald lots. Many trips to New Orleans and Baton Rouge.
Mississippi: Lived in Jackson and Hattiesburg twenty-seven years. Family and friends live here. Carrie used to.  Everything.
Missouri: Saw Amy and Nathan married in St. Louis.
Nevada: Went to Las Vegas for Tommy's wedding.
New York: Trip to New York City for Modern Language Association convention.
North Carolina: Passed through.
Oregon: Saw Lori married in Portland.
Pennsylvania: Trip to Philadelphia for the Modern Language Association convention.
South Carolina: Passed through.
Tennessee: Plenty of vacations. Lots of trips to Memphis.  Sometimes Nashville.
Texas: Lived in McAllen and Edinburg for six years. Visited a billion times before too.  Lots of San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.
Virginia: Arlington Cemetery and all that.
Washington D.C.: Visited all the stuff on band trip and for Modern Language Association convention.


Tamaulipas: I live a few miles from Reynosa. Walked over the bridge a few times.

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