The Magical Rusty Spell

This is Rusty Spell Dot Com, and I'm Rusty Spell. I write stories, I make music, I shoot videos, I take photographs, I do art, I create games, I review movies and records, I teach English, I edit a magazine, and I also do this thing where I make web pages about all of the above. I'm also really handsome. (See photo.)  Rusty Spell Dot Com, the domain, has been around since 25 Feb 2001.  Before that, my webpage The Rusty Spell Experience existed; it was created 10 Aug 1995.  I'm an old school web guy.  To acquaint yourself with what's featured on this page, read the descriptions below.

We Like Media -- A magazine edited by me and Tommy Burton that accepts articles about all media.

'nikcuS Productions -- A record company run by me and Noby Nobriga that features music we create.

Love and Letters Music -- A sub-label of 'nikcuS Productions featuring musical projects created or produced by me.

'nikcuS Productions Merchandise -- Features all the CDs of 'nikcuS Productions (and all sub-labels) as well as additional merchandise.

The Prolifics Bookstore -- Features the literary life of me and Noby Nobriga, including books we have written.

Envision -- The video projects of me, Noby Nobriga, and Tommy Burton.

Rusty's Art -- Features my comic strips and other art.

DUSKBUSTERS! Productions -- A recorded radio show produced by me and Noby Nobriga.

Rusty Spell's Photo Album -- Photos I have taken or have been featured in, covering my life and more.

Noby and Rusty's Games -- Games that Noby and I have created, as well as other information about games.

The USA Rheostatics Page -- The American fan page for the best band in Canada, the Rheostatics.

The Distant Plastic Treehouse -- A fan page for Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields (and other bands), featuring a discography and lyrics.

Rusty's God Blog -- A blog about God (a term with a broad definition).

GLORY!blog -- A (usually funny) blog that was written by me and my wife Carrie Spell for five years.

Rusty Likes Music -- Reviews and more of music in my CD collection.

Rusty Likes Movies -- Reviews of almost every movie I had seen, until I quit writing them.

The Carrie Hoffman Webpage -- Now Carrie Spell, this is my wife's webpage which features her stories and alien drawings.

Blooque -- A site created by Noby Nobriga (with help from me) where you can read "blooques" people have written and submit your own.

Quaggas -- The collective projects of me and Noby Nobriga.

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