by Rusty W. Spell



The Bible isn't generally regarded as a particularly funny book, and those who say it is are usually just trying to be clever.  The Jewish and Christian religion isn't as as hilarious as, say, the Native American trickster tales. Even still, I felt compelled to make a comic strip of the entire Bible (or as much as I can get through), in order, with nothing left out.

These aren't like those New Yorker style one-panel comics that use Biblical characters to make some dumb joke. You know, dinosaurs missing Noah's ark or whatever. My strip is meant to tell a unified story, which in many ways is more specific and story-like than the (rather unruly) Bible itself, and to comment on the Bible in some significant way. Since the strip is in such a simple form, you probably won't be able to tell that a butt-load of research and thought goes into each entry. In addition to all the stories, analysis, and scholarship, however, Bible Stories is meant to be funny and to create punch lines in the style of a four-panel Peanuts strip. So you are guaranteed at least one joke in each strip somewhere. Because of the mild nature of the comic strip genre, of course, your laughter will probably be more like a nose sniff than a loud chortle.

The comic isn't necessarily meant for very young kids or to be taught at Sunday School. (Though, then again, why not?) It is meant to be read by intelligent adults who don't mind jokes about sensitive subjects, and it can be read by believers, non-believers, and everyone in between. I think they are especially for everyone in between.

The question has come up: do I believe in God? I have a God Blog that will lead you in the right direction, if this question is important to you. What is certain is that these stories are a part of my culture, I know them as well as anyone, and I consider them "mine" to play with in this way--if that makes you feel better.

Oh, and there's no reason to be offended by this comic, though I'm secretly hoping that someone will be: someone famous who will go on TV and cause a big scandal so that this strip can get all kinds of publicity and I can retire from my real job and do this for a living. But, really, there's nothing to be offended by. If God is, in fact, not a little pink dot, or if Adam is not descended from Australopithecus, then this comic will not in any way change their true natures.

I truly hope you enjoy these strips. I will continue working on them until I die or get tired of doing them. At the pace I'm going now, I should at least get through the book of Genesis before I go to Heaven. Please write me email whenever you have praise for me. I dwell in the praises of my people.



by Rusty W. Spell

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