Technical Stuff

I drew these drawings with a pencil on very thin, I suppose "onion skin," paper. I folded it over and stapled it to make a book. Unfortunately, when I scanned these drawings in, the paper was so thin that the drawings on the other side (because I drew on the front and back) came through, no matter what tricks I tried to do while scanning them. The end result was something that looked really messy like this.

So what I did was skillfully use the "clone" feature of my photo editor to erase out all the see-through lines--which took quite a while, as you can imagine. I'm all about doing tedious things for small gain. You should know, however, that I didn't change anything else about the drawings. There's actually really no reason you even need to know this fact, other than me wanting to share how much trouble I went through.

You can also look at the picture above to see a sample of what my book looked like, slanted handwriting and all. Of course, as you look through the book, you'll notice that I simply cropped the image so that you see the drawing only -- rather than leaving the full rectangle -- and then typed the text.

Um, that's the only technical stuff I can think of. Enjoy the book.

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Copyright (c) Sep 2004 by Rusty's Art