Snoopy and the Red Baron

When I was a kid, I had artistic talent. If I had increased at a steady rate, I would be an artistic stallion today. But instead, I became more interested in other things than drawing, so I pretty much draw the same today as I did when I was ten--which is about how old I was when I drew these pictures of Snoopy and the Red Baron.

They had put out a book forever ago called Snoopy and the Red Baron which looked more or less like animation stills from that section of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown when Snoopy goes on his adventure as the World War I flying ace. So I decided to redraw it all. These aren't traced (I get asked that when people see them), because if they were, they'd be much better drawings. This was me at age ten looking at the Snoopy book and reproducing it. I don't know how I managed to hang on to it all these years.

I also copied all the text from the storybook under the drawings, but you're not really interested in looking at my ten-year-old print, so I just typed the text for you. (If you are interested, look at the "technical stuff" link below for a sampling.) Snoopy and the cartoons of Charles M. Schulz have been my favorite since I can remember, and this is one of my early tributes (my original character, "Snoofy," was another). I hope you enjoy looking at this childhood bit o' fun.

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