Snoofy: The Animals

The Dogs

Snoofy is the main character of the "Snoofy" cartoons. He, of course, is an obvious homage to Charles M. Schulz's Snoopy, in name and appearance, but not much in personality. Snoofy is a melancholy dog, though perfectly happy and content most of the time. He is married to Jingles and has a son, Stinky. His best friend is Grandpa Fin. His owner is Wayne Green.



Jingles is Snoofy's wife. She wears a ruby necklace to match her lips. Her son is Stinky. Her best friend is Mrs. Swim. Her owner was Tina, but now Jingles lives with Snoofy in their connected doghouses. When Jingles lived with Tina, she was known as "Pepper," and she is still called that name by the humans. Jingles is a sassy dog.



Stinky is the son of Snoofy and Jingles. He was named Stinky so that Snoofy would quit calling Jingles "Stinky Poo." He is a michevious puppy, and always gets in trouble with the help of his best friend, Squeaky, who lives with Stinky in his section of the three connected doghouses.



The Fish

Grandpa Fin is Snoofy's best friend. He is married to Mrs. Swim, and his son is Sharky. Grandpa Fin is a very worried fish, and is a perfect counterpoint to Snoofy's easy-going nature. He is constantly in fear of being eaten by the two cats, Foo Fa and Fee Fee.



Mrs. Swim is Jingles' best friend. She is married to Grandpa Fin, and her son is Sharky. Before she married Grandpa Fin, her name was Miss Swim. She is owned by Susan Green. Mrs. Swim is a spunky, talkative fish, and is never worried about cats or other dangers. She and Jingles tend to go away together to get away from Snoofy and Grandpa Fin.



Sharky is the adopted son of Grandpa Fin and Mrs. Swim. Although Grandpa Fin is worried that Sharky will eat him, Sharky is a harmless baby. He sometimes plays with Stinky and Squeaky, but he is still too young for them. Sharky does a good job at keeping the cats away from his parents, since they go nowhere near him.



The Cats

Foo Fa is Snoofy's nemesis, though he can also be his friend. He is somewhat of an homage to Garfield, in looks only. The main trouble Foo Fa causes is wanting to eat the fish, especially Grandpa Fin, but Snoofy and Sharky prevent him. Foo Fa's girlfriend is Fee Fee. He also threatens sometimes to eat the mouse Squeaky, but he knows that Squeaky is too fast for him. Foo Fa is a stray cat who hangs around Wayne Green's house.



Fee Fee is Foo Fa's girlfriend. She is somewhat of an homage to Arlene, in looks only. She also occasionally hangs out with Jingles and Mrs. Swim, since she's not as interested in eating fish and playing tricks as her boyfriend Foo Fa is. Though, of course, she is usually the one found to be his partner in crime. It depends on her mood, and she is very moody, ranging from very sweet to very sour. She is owned by Lily Loo.



The Mouse

Squeaky is Stinky's best friend. He lives with him in his doghouse most of the time, but sometimes when it gets too crowded for him, he lives with Foo Fa, who he knows couldn't possibly catch him to eat him. Squeaky is the little voice in Stinky's ear telling him what trouble they can get into next.



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