Snoofy and his friends are characters I created in the third and fourth grade. The character Snoofy began as an homage to Charles M. Schultz's "Snoopy," but Snoofy -- as well as the other characters -- developed into something more than just my own version of a classic cartoon strip.

I only created three or four actual comic strips for the characters, as the bulk of my work with them was done with books. Three books existed. The first was called Snoofy, and it told the tale of how Snoofy was saved from the pound by his new owner, Wayne Green, and all of the animals and people he met. The second was called Snoofy Comes Back and it eleborated on the situations and characters which were introduced in the first book, as well as introducing new characters. The third book was a companion novelty called Wayne's Photo Book in which various pictures were drawn to represent photographs taken by Wayne Green and others.

The books were written and illustrated by me. They were my first real pieces of fiction, and it was the link between my early days of wanting to draw cartoons for a living and my later days of wanting to write. They were all created on folded sheets of paper stapled into book form. Sadly, the books were lost when I was a teenager, but my plan is to rewrite and redraw them from memory and publish them here on this page. I find that I can still draw the characters exactly as I did in elementary school, and I feel that I can remember the basic story for each book.

Until I put those books up, please enjoy the links below, which contain pictures of the characters and descriptions.

The animals. The humans.

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