The Best of Rus and Mel

Recorded during the spring semester of 1994, Melanie and Rusty's dating tenure while students together at the University of Southern Mississippi, this fun and fancy-free video was the first release by Rusty's division of Envision, Junebug Films.  It features Rus and Mel frolicking at USM, making fake music videos in the dorm room, watching themselves on "live TV," driving and singing on Highway 49, and going to the Hattiesburg Fair.  Tommy Burton is also in a lot of this video (he sometimes becomes the star), primarily playing the part of The Face Boy.  Even though this DVD is a collection of what are essentially home movies (as opposed to the short films found in the Fun With Numbers series, etc.), they are extremely entertaining to people who happen to not be Rusty or Melanie, and the collection remains a centerpiece of the "golden age" of Envision.

Footage creation: 1994. Original video release date: 1994. DVD release date: Jun 2005. Total running time: 1 hr 41 mins. Bonus materials: bonus video ("The Backwards Video"), trailer, and informative booklet.

Starring: Melanie Beasley, Rusty Spell, and Tommy Burton.

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1. Opening Credits [:59]
2. Frolicking [17:02]
3. Peter Gunn [3:50]
4. Live TV Pt. 1 [5:16]
5. Frolicking Part II [13:22]
6. Anything Goes [2:53]
7. Mel Meets the Family [:30]

1. Lake Byron [13:11]
2 Let's Misbehave [1:49]
3. Woods [4:00]
4. Puttin' on the Ritz [4:44]
5. Before Church [:20]
6. Rose Garden [5:11]
7. Always On My Mind [3:42]
8. Live TV Pt. 2 [2:41]
9. Hattiesburg Is Awesome [2:45]
10. Pop Goes the World [3:42]
11. Home [1:44]
12. Hattiesburg State Fair [8:52]
13. Bye... From Melanie [2:29]
14. Closing Credits [2:00]


* Trailer [:53] -- Created Jun 2005 by Rusty Spell
* Bonus Video ("The Backwards Video") [4:24]

Copyright (c) Jun 2005 - Aug 2005 Envision