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News - Last Update: 11 May 2008

Rusty Spell's Videoland Volume One: VHS and C (1989-1999) is complete!  This means that pretty much everything had been released on VHS is now on DVD.  But there's still more to go.  Videoland Volume Two will be made in the future since there's material for that, but mostly likely that will come out in 2010, collecting 1999-2009, keeping the ten year theme.  (If things become more productive, however, there's no need to wait ten years between compilations.)  That will bring us past the "VHS and C era" and into the "8mm and digital" era.

Here's some older stuff that's left: a Pearl Pirate Band DVD (featuring performances and behind the scenes of our years in the band), "The 1989 Show" (featuring home-movie-based skits from that year), 45 minutes of Tuesday Afternoon Pre-Recorded that will be added to another 45 or more of yet-to-be-made stuff by me and Noby, and of course... the future!

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