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Recorded during the early courtship of former flings Tommy Burton and Lori Alexander, this DVD features their frolicking both at Delta State University (with Rusty Spell in 1994) at at The University of Southern Mississippi (with Rusty and Noby Nobriga in 1995).  The video is a companion piece to The Best of Rus and Mel, causing it to also be known as "Frolicking Parts III and IV," and features the return of many frolicking motifs, including the further adventures of The Face Boy and a re-visit to the Hattiesburg State Fair.  More entertaining "home videos" from the Envision team.

Footage creation: 1994-1995. Original video release date: 1994 as Frolicking at DSU ("Frolicking at USM" not included). DVD release date: Sep 2005. Total running time: 1 hr 17 mins. Bonus materials: trailer and informative booklet.

Starring: Lori Alexander, Tommy Burton, Rusty Spell, and Noby Nobriga. With: Elizabeth Doby, Kerry Roebuck, Bobbi Van Horn, Amy Williams, and Pedro the Fish.


DISC 1 -- "Frolicking at DSU"
1. Opening Credits [:19]
2. Checking Mail [5:52]
3. Night Frolicking [7:56]
4. Cathedral [9:34]
5. Beavis and Butt-Head [5:30]
6. Truckin' [2:11]
7. Robbas [4:38]
8. Truckin' Again [1:30]
9. Watching Football [2:00]
10. Ducks [4:56]
11. Playground [5:35]
12. Ducks Again [1:51]

DISC 2 -- "Frolicking at USM"
1. Hattiesburg State Fair [9:22]
2. USM Campus [4:02]
3. Tommy and Noby's Wildlife Extravaganza Show [6:49]
4. USM Campus Again [3:04]
5. Closing Credits [2:07]


* Trailer [:53] -- Created Sep 2005 by Rusty Spell

Copyright (c) Sep 2005 - Jul 2008 Envision