Fun With Numbers

Fun With Numbers is the original video of the Fun With Numbers series. Not nearly as polished as the videos to follow, but just as entertaining in a messy sort of way. This is the only one starring Michael Young, featuring fan favorites such as "The Tomb of the Unknown Roaches" and "Talk on the Town with Morton Downey Jr." and introducing Gay Stevens and Cooter Ray himself.

Footage creation: 1991-1992.  Original video release date: 1992.  DVD release date: Apr 2004. Total running time: 1 hr 28 mins. Bonus Materials: creator commentaries, deleted scenes, trailer, and informative booklet.

Starring: Tommy Burton, Rusty Spell, and Michael Young. With: Lindsay Burton, Angie the Dog. Editor: Rusty Spell. Directors: Tommy Burton, Rusty Spell, and Michael Young.

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1. Opening Credits [1:15]
2. This Could Be Your Life [4:24]
3. The Tomb of the Unknown Roaches [1:52]
4. Bob the Hog's Special Bulletin [:31]
5. Gay Stevens Investigation [2:04]
6. Gay Stevens Back in Time with Bob the Hog [2:06]
7. Point of View from a Dog Intro [1:04]
8. Point of View from a Dog [3:13]
9. Point of View from a Man [3:02]
10. Which Door? [1:54]
11. The Film So Far / S'go! [2:00]
12. Our Evening Ride [7:03]
13. Talk on the Town with Morton Downey Jr. [10:37]
14. How To Be a Preacher [1:55]
15. We're Goofing Off [2:47]

1. Silent Home Movie [1:13]
2. Something Entertaining [:55]
3. Toy Documentary [2:59]
4. Pez Parade [:35]
5. Why We Love Pez [1:30]
6. Silly Shots [:29]
7. The New and Improved Cooter Ray Show [21:24]
8. Fun With Numbers Recapitulation [9:31]
9. The Great Weed-Eater Blow the Driveway Massacre [:40]
10. Closing Credits [2:37]


1. Tommy Attempts a Macro [:48]
2. Tommy's Ride Home [:11]
* Trailer [:39] -- Created Apr 2004 by Rusty Spell

* Feature commentary by the creators, Tommy Burton and Rusty Spell.

Copyright (c) Apr 2004 - Aug 2005 Envision