Fun With Numbers II: Charcoal Fever

Fun With Numbers II: Charcoal Fever is the first "real" video of the Fun With Numbers series, where Tommy and Rusty knew what they were doing... at least comparitively. Half-filled with Christmas specials and half-filled with high school senior giddiness, the free-form style of this video set the tone for the rest of the series. Featuring not one but two Cooter Ray shows (including his Christmas special), Tommy and Rusty's version of It's a Wonderful Life, the Emmy-winning "The Secret of Life" with Gay Stevens and John Hannen, and that masterpiece in modern American surrealist cinema, "The Dead Realm: Elvis and the Grape Boy."

Footage creation: 1992-1993. Original video release date: 1993. DVD release date: Jun 2004. Total running time: 1 hr 56 mins. Bonus materials: creator commentaries, deleted scene, trailer, and informative booklet.

Starring: Tommy Burton and Rusty Spell. With: Matt Little, Brent Logan, Ava Spell, Casey Spell, Tanya Spell, Vicki Spell, and VK the Cat. Editor: Rusty Spell. Directors: Tommy Burton, Rusty Spell, Brent Logan, and Matt Little.

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1. Opening Credits [1:17]
2. The Cooter Ray Christmas Special [19:35]
3. Friend Like Me [1:47]
4. It's a Wonderful Life [19:48]
5. 16 Tons [:50]
6. Changaroo [:08]
7. Tabloid News [2:24]
8. The Secret of Life [4:08]
9. The Ghost Family Christmas [1:20]
10. The Secret of Life Continued [3:50]
11. New Madonna Video [:02]
12. Band on Parade [1:25]
13. Ow... [:22]
14. Dinner's Ready [:14]

1. Christmas Came After All [7:12]
2. The Kevin Malone Show [:57]
3. Chess Players [:21]
4. A Day in the Life [1:11]
5. The Weekend in Rock [4:45]
6. Gay Stevens: The Cure [3:46]
7. Cooter Ray (New Format) [21:58]
8. The Dead Realm: Elvis and the Grape Boy [6:22]
9. Wind Noise [:04]
10. Cojack [:53]
11. Cooter Ray's Nightclub Commercial [:37]
12. The Dead Realm: John Lennon and the Troll [3:52]
13. End of Show Wrap-Up [2:54]
14. Complaining / End Credits [3:33]
15. Chess Players Conclusion [:27]


1. Cooter's Phone Call (Suzanne) [1:28]
* Trailer [:43] -- Created Jun 2004 by Rusty Spell

* Feature commentary by the creators, Tommy Burton and Rusty Spell.

Copyright (c) Jun 2004 - Aug 2005 Envision