Charcoal Fever III

Tommy and Rusty enter college and become fans of David Lynch: a combination that produces the weirdest installment of Fun With Numbers. There's lots of style over substance (and often over comedy); sometimes things work, sometimes they don't... but it's always entertaining. In addition to the freak-out segments (including "Stayin' Alive," The Bushhead Trilogy, "Cookie Bar?" and "Po' Folks," there are also the classic music videos "Magic" and "The Backwards Video" as well as what is perhaps the quintessential Cooter Ray show, featuring Jerry Toby as played by new feature player Noby Nobriga. Noby is the "III" of Charcoal Fever III and will be the third member of the Fun With Number series for parts four and five as well. Embrace the odd.

Footage creation: 1993-1994. Original video release date: 1994. DVD release date: Jul 2004. Total running time: 1 hr 46 mins. Bonus materials: creator commentaries, deleted scenes, original edits, trailer, and informative booklet.

Starring: Tommy Burton, Rusty Spell, and Noby Nobriga. With: Melanie Beasley, Vicki Spell, Lindsay Burton, Angie the Dog, Rusty the Dog, Phantom the Cat, and The Dog Formerly Known as Prince.

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1. Introduction/Opening Credits [3:05]
2. Magic [3:57]
3. Cooter Ray with Jerry Toby [27:24]
4. Hamsters, Dang It! [:18]
5. Stayin' Alive [11:22]
6. White Comedy Jam [:29]
7. Lynch Characters [1:11]
8. Funny Arm Story [1:10]

1. Tales from the Bush Side [6:34]
2. Busherhead [3:54]
3. Saved by the Bush [5:33]
4. Cookie Bar? [7:20]
5. Po' Folks [9:54]
6. Prelude To Frolicking [6:05]
7. Cats and Guys: Episode 001 [7:12]
8. Rabbits on Parade [1:03]
9. Backwards Video [4:24]
10. Cooter Closer [:13]
11. Closing Credits [4:54]


1. Magic (Original Edit, No Music) [4:54]
2. Backwards Video (Forwards) [4:23]

1. Excerpts from Original Opening [1:00]
* Trailer [:53] -- Created Jul 2004 by Rusty Spell

* Feature commentary by the creators, Tommy Burton, Noby Nobriga, and Rusty Spell.

Copyright (c) Jul 2004 - Aug 2005 Envision