PTV: Our Senior Year

The material in this video was shot by Noby Nobriga, Rusty Spell, Kevin Young, and others during their senior year (1992-1993) at Pearl High School.  The video is made up of footage they shot for the school's TV show PTV (Pirate Television), footage shot for the senior video yearbook, and personal movies.  The result is not quite a TV show, not quite a senior video, and not quite a personal movie, but a unique combination of the three, often looking like a documentary or reality show about high school (without all the messy drama).  In addition to Noby, Rusty, and Kevin, this DVD also features Envision stars such as Lori Berkemeyer, Tommy Burton, Matt Little, and Michael Young as well as other featured students such as Amanda Miller, Quinton Sasnett, Brian Scoggins, and Jessica Stewart.  Whether you graduated as a Pirate in 1993 or never heard of Pearl Mississippi, you're sure to be entertained by this DVD.

Footage creation: 1992-1993. Original video release date: Jul 1997, as Rusty Spell's Senior Video.  DVD release date: Aug 2005.  Total running time: 1 hr 57 mins.  Bonus materials: creator commentary, trailer, and informative booklet.

Featuring: Pearl High School students, principals, staff, faculty, and family.  See full cast list.

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1. Introduction [:41]
2. A Typical Day [4:39]
3. New Cheerleaders [1:02]
4. Football Players Interview [2:16]
5. Game Day Interviews [6:22]
6. Pep Rally [7:57]
7. Football Game [15:05]
8. New Teacher Interview [1:54]
9. New Cafeteria Workers [:34]
10. Exchange Student Interviews [3:31]
11. The Granny Gang [:34]
12. Wardrobe [1:40]
13. Softball Coach Interview [:09]
14. Senior Predictions [4:58]
15. Another Typical Day [6:50]

1. Jizzy the Clown [1:55]
2. Jump Jump [1:10]
3. Last Physics Test [7:49]
4. Beauty Review / Who's Who [12:38]
5. Last Day of School [27:40]
6. Graduation [3:25]
7. Conclusion [:31]
8. Closing Credits [3:11]


* Trailer [:59] -- Created Aug 2005 by Rusty Spell

* Commentary by creator Rusty Spell.

Copyright (c) Aug 2005 Envision