Sarah and Vicki's Holiday Adventures

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Recorded by Sarah Cunningham and Vicki Spell over the period of 1992 to 1994, from the famous "Christmas from Pearl" to the tiny "Memorial Day" to the sequel "Christmas from Pearl (And a Half)" to the final hoo-rah with "Suckin' Summer."  Along the way Sarah and Vicki are joined by Melanie Bradshaw, Sarah's mom Aggie, Brent Logan, and local celebrity newsman Walt Grayson!  The video is unique in being the only one so far to not have any of the major players of the Envision team (Tommy, Noby, Rusty, Kevin).  This is also the smallest DVD yet from Envision at only 31 minutes long, but it's jam-packed with nothing but holiday fun.

Footage creation: 1992-1994.  DVD release date: Nov 2005. Total running time: 31 mins. Bonus materials: trailer and informative booklet.

Starring: Sarah Cunningham and Vicki Spell. With: Melanie Bradshaw, Aggie Cunningham, Eugene, Walt Grayson, Brent Logan, Carman Morales, Casey Spell, Tanya Spell, Tony Spell, and others.


1. Opening Credits [1:54]
2. Christmas from Pearl [14:07]
3. Memorial Day [1:40]
4. Christmas from Pearl (And a Half) [9:10]
5. Suckin' Summer [4:50]


* Trailer [:59] -- Created Nov 2005 by Rusty Spell

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