Edward Sutherland

Director of a bunch of old movies.

Like It The Invisible Woman (1940) -- Not really a sequel to The Invisible Man Returns since there are no returning characters, the invisibility formula is invented from scratch, being invisible doesn't make you go insane, etc.  The only thing the same is the studio and the great invisibility effects.  What's really different is the comedy.  The original Invisible Man was funny, but in that sly James Whale sort of way.  This is just jokes and slapstick.  Which isn't a bad thing after the lifeless The Invisible Man Returns.   The jokes still hold up pretty well today, and the movie does get pretty good mileage out of the fact that to be truly invisible you have to be naked.  Some sexy moments with nylons walking around and all that.  (See Joe May for the predecessor, The Invisible Man Returns.  See Edwin L. Marin for the follow-up, The Invisible Agent.)

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