Edwin L. Marin

Director of movies from the 30s through the 50s.

Like It Invisible Agent (1942) -- The Invisible Woman was its own thing, but this is more of a true sequel to The Invisible Man Returns--though barely: there's a vague mention of our hero being the grandson (or something) of the previous guy.  The real twist here is that the invisible man is fighting the Nazis during World War II, which gives the movie some slight heft and also some goofy jokes at the Germans' expense.  Jon Hall is pretty lame as the invisible man, but other cast members make up for his lack, especially the great Peter Lorre who is creepy, funny, menacing, and sympathetic at the same time.  A bland genre movie with some really good touches layered on top.  (See Edward Sutherland for the predecessor, The Invisible Woman.  See Ford I. Beebe for the followup, The Invisible Man's Revenge.)

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