George Miller

Mad Miller.

Indifferent Mad Max (1979) -- I remember being more or less bored. I'd have to watch it again to give it a proper review, but I doubt I'll do that. (See below for the sequel, The Road Warrior.)

Indifferent The Road Warrior (1981) -- Actually, I don't remember if I saw Mad Max or The Road Warrior.  I saw one or the other.  I always get confused as to which came first.  (See above for the predecessor, Mad Max.  George Miller directs the sequel, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.)

Indifferent Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) -- Directed with Joe Dante, John Landis, and George Miller.  The last segment was the only good one. Landis's racism statement was dumb, the second segment was Spielberg at his worst, and Dante's was only slightly better than the first two. Miller's gets a "really liked it" while the others get a "did not like it."  Of course, I never much liked the TV series.

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