The Gentle Waves

Isobel Campbell of Belle and Sebastian gets together with some of the guys from that band and records her own pretty little albums of songs she's written. The music is indeed gentle waves.

see Isobel Campbell, Belle and Sebastian

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Suggested First Purchase: The Green Fields of Foreverland

The Green Fields of Foreverland (1999) -- If you're familiar with Belle and Sebastian, imagine if they were prettier and softer with the angelic Isobel Campbell singing all the songs. But don't imagine that it's just another version of them, because there are signifigant differences. This particular album is more consistent than most Belle and Sebastian albums, probably as a result of just one guiding person rather than four or five. Every song is good, and though they are typically soft and of course gentle, there are a few that "rock" a little more, yet they don't stand out as anomalies. There's enough variety in the album to make for many repeats and close listening. A

Swansong for You (2000) -- "Let the Good Times Begin" is as pretty as anything from the first album, and "Sisterwoman" is an actual rock song (one of those perfect ones). The rest of the album is nice as well, but even though the styles of song change more than in the first album, they're more flat on this one. Good, just not as memorable. B

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