George Harrison

He was the Beatle who made only one solo album that I really care about, but I consider it the best of all the Beatle solo albums.

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Information: George Harrison
Suggested first purchase/album: All Things Must Pass
Suggested best of: The Best of Dark Horse

All Things Must Pass (1970/2000) -- The best solo Beatles album and a great gospel album. Pick any song and it's great--until, of course, you get to the stupid jams which I wish were just left off. The first time I heard this album, I thought that John and Paul should have been ashamed and embarrased for not letting him record more of his songs. I have the 30th anniversary version of this album which adds some interesting enough stuff (though, while I'm at it, I wish they'd have put it out in a jewel case or some tolerable packaging, that the bonus tracks hadn't run into the album proper, and that the jams were somehow seperated better as they were on the original three-record release). A

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