The Immaculate Conceptions

Liza Marshall and Rusty Spell adlib in a method that's more shoddy and devil-may-care than their forerunners 'nikcuS, The Ka-9's, and even Yo! MahMa. Cute, entertaining, smart stuff.

see The Mnemonic Devices, The Strawberry Explosion, Rusty Spell, 'nikcuS, Robert Brenton, Synthetic Fibers, The Naked Donnas, Gospel Assembly

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The Immaculate Conceptions (2002) -- Conceived over two years, a conception which consisted, basically, of realizing that nothing more than no production, no writing, and no awareness of themselves whatsover would do, the album was finally recorded with a portable tape recorded in a car trip to and from the beach. The songs are mostly about their surroundings, things they've done, things which have happened in their lives, or (usually) just funny noises with small instruments playing along. The addition of several non-musical tracks helps to make this album feel more like a home movie than anything (the cutest home movie ever shot), which gives the 71 minute album a cohesiveness which seems impossible. B

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