Robert Brenton

Tommy Burton and Rusty Spell, big-whigs at the Love and Letters Music establishment, get together to become Robert Brenton, a ridiculous celebration of their wasted talent. Love and Letters' answer to 'nikcuS.

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Information: Love and Letters Music
Suggested First Purchase: The New Beau Revere Tape, "Hit the Trigger, Jigger"

The New Beau Revere Tape, "Hit the Trigger, Jigger" (2003) -- An exercise in excess that seems to work. This album is released in three volumes (all separately titled--"Hey, Rowldy," "Touching Jenny and Her Sisters," and "Slippin' In Some Guts"--effectively giving the album five titles total, counting the two that are found within the main title), the cover art smeared with Tommy Burton and Rusty Spell's pictures of themselves. (Oh, there's also a highlights album, in case you need a fourth disc.) You might compare the dual ego of the project to Tenacious D, except that Tommy and Rusty don't seem to be joking--except for the fact that the album is very funny, and very serious. It's both. After two and a half hours, you get a mix of everything and a pretty good idea of the collective personality. The songs are very listenable, very inspired (most were adlibbed), and the album seems to allow you to skip around however you please. The experiment worked, boys. Now what? A

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