Mono Puff

Mono Puff is the side project of They Might Be Giants' John Flansburgh. Unlike John Linnell's solo music, Mono Puff actually sounds different from TMBG. It has its own thing going. Mostly things are more retro and rock and rollish.

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Information: Mono Puff
Suggested First Purchase: Unsupervised

Unsupervised (1996) -- A mix of all kind of weird stuff, this album works pretty well song-for-song if not cohesively. Highlights include the TMBGish "Unsupervised, I Hit My Head," "Distant Antenna," and the pretty country song "Don't I Have the Right?" B

It's Fun To Steal (1998) -- More groovy and possibly more goofy, the best songs on this album are "Poison Flowers" and the ode to the "Night Security." B

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