I bought this album because I loved "Good Morning Captain" so much on the Kids soundtrack. They're the post-rock dudes you heard so much about or whatever.

See The Breeders, Tortoise

Information: Southern Records
Suggested first purchase: Slint

Spiderland (1991) -- I guess it's as important as everyone says it is, but really it's only important if you're a fan of what's come to be know "post-rock" music, a kind of music which -- ultimately -- I don't like that much after all. It's kind of refreshing at first, hearing bands like this or Tortoise or Gastr del Sol, but after a while it just becomes "another thing" and another thing with so many imitators that it isn't even special anymore. Or maybe I'm just mad that 98% of the DJs at my college radio station play nothing but post-rock, and what I really really like is songs. Song, I tell ya! Everyone keep writing songs! But as for this album (who I can't blame), it's interesting enough, and "Good Morning Captain" is the best song ever written which uses a short story as lyrics. I love it, even if the rest of the album is sorta backgroundy. C

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