a Retelling of the Winnebago Trickster Cycle
written and illustrated by Rusty W. Spell



In the beginning, Earthmaker was the only thing that existed.  He loved being alive and was sad that nothing else was living with him, so he created the earth and everything in it.  Earthmaker was very powerful, and he valued life above all.  A great many things could be written about Earthmaker.  But this isn't a story about Earthmaker.

Eventually, after creating everything else, including the spirits, Earthmaker created humans.  The humans were a weak species, always being bothered by bad spirits.  As we all know, a great many things can be written about human beings.  But this isn't a story about humans either.

This is a story about the Trickster.  He was created by Earthmaker to help the humans handle the bad spirits and to prevent humans from being destroyed by them.  Trickster, in his wisdom, would teach the humans how to live properly and take care of themselves.  Through him, human beings would become a great and noble people.  The bad spirits would be eradicated, and life on earth would be wonderful forever.

Unfortunately, this isn't exactly how it went down.



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