Chapter One
"The Warpath"

When we find Trickster, he's not bothering to help mankind.  Instead, he has taken advantage of his power and has become the chief of a Winnebago tribe.  The tribe is getting ready to go to war, to go on the warpath, and they are having their sacred Warbundle Feast.  There are several rules to follow when you are the chief and your tribe is getting ready to go on the warpath.  Rule number one: the chief himself never goes on the warpath.

The Trickster, however, had announced earlier that day, "I think I'll go on the warpath tonight."

Confused but excited, every fighter in the tribe, many more than usual, showed up to the Warbundle Feast for the chance to go on the warpath with the chief himself.  The feast was prepared: two large deer and two large bears.  The delicacy of the animal's heads were given to the greatest warriors in the tribe, and of course Trickster took one for himself.  "This is a great reason to go on the warpath," Trickster said as everyone talked amongst themselves, wondering what might happen next.



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