"Man, that bear head was good," Trickster said when he finished his food, then he left the table.  Which brings us to rule number two: the person throwing the dinner is the last one to leave the table, since the feast is a sacrifice to the spirits.

After not returning for over an hour, a member of the tribe went to find the chief.  The chief was found in his lodge, having sex with a woman.  "What?" Trickster said, not stopping.  Rule number three: those preparing for the warpath must never have sex.  (Sex lessens the power of the warbundle, but we'll talk about the warbundle later.)

"Um, everyone's waiting for you, chief," said the tribesman.

"What are they waiting for?" Trickster said.  "I'm done eating.  I've moved on to other things."  He motioned to the woman with his head.  "As you can see.  Now, if you don't mind…"

When the tribesman told everyone what he saw, they all realized that their chief wasn't going to go on the warpath after all, so they all went home.  "I guess we won't be killing anyone tonight," one tribesman lamented.



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