For the next two nights, Trickster did the same thing: threw a Warbundle Feast, ate the delicious animal head, left the table early, and had sex with a beautiful woman.  But on the fourth night, to everyone's surprise, Trickster stuck around.

When the feast was over that night, Trickster picked up his bow and arrows and the warbundle (which we'll talk about later) and said to the men, "Let's go on the warpath!"

One of the men at the feast said to another, "But the women haven't presented us with our moccasins yet," which was a warpath ritual but also practical since they would need moccasins for walking.  "Yeah," another said, "and we haven't done the Farewell Dance either."

The Trickster overheard the men but ignored them.  He walked to a large body of water where there were canoes waiting.  Trickster stepped into a boat and paddled away and the men followed him in other boats.  "Finally," a man said, "the chief has done something right getting us these canoes.  We'll be there in no time this way."

After paddling for an hour, the Trickster suddenly turned his boat around, and of course his men had to follow him.  The chief landed on the shore, got out of the boat, dragged it to the land, and said to it, "You're just a boat.  You can't fight.  Why should you come with us on the warpath?"  He grabbed an ax from one of his men and proceeded to smash the crap out of the canoe.  Then he went to every other boat that the men had been using and smashed the crap out of them.  "I won't have anyone or anything in my war party that won't fight," Trickster said to his men.



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