Envision is the name of our video productions company.  We came up with the name Envision back in the day because we always envisioned things coming out a certain way and they never did.  Now they sort of do, and we never liked the name much, but we're stuck with it.

The big three at Envision are Tommy Burton, Noby Nobriga, and Rusty Spell.  They run the subdivisions of Envision.  Naked Productions for Tommy, Quagga Entertainment Studios for Noby, and Junebug Films for Rusty.  They put things under these names when they create projects specific to them.  Sometimes they work together and combine their names, such as Tommy and Rusty's Naked Junebug or Noby and Rusty's Quaggabug.

When videos are put out without any of these subdivisions in mind, they are simply "Envision."

Sarah and Vicki's Holiday Adventures

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