Tommy Burton's videos are under Naked Productions and Rusty Spell's are under Junebug Films, so when they get together, they form the Naked Junebug (shown left). This subdivision is most famous for the Fun With Numbers series and the only full-length movie from the Envision team, America: The Way I See It--The Cooter Ray Movie.

The Fun With Numbers Series:
Fun With Numbers
Fun With Numbers II: Charcoal Fever
Charcoal Fever III
Charcoal Fever IV: Looking for Petunias
Looking 4 Petunias 5
Tommy Burton and Rusty Spell's Rambo VI
America: The Way I See It--The Cooter Ray Movie
Fun With Numbers Seven
The Fun With Numbers Bonus Disc

Other Projects:
Frolicking with Lori
Leif Garrett

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