Lately David

Lately David is a 00s band committed to making American classic rock. Their goal seems to be working hard to bring rock and roll from the grave while having fun doing so.

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Yom Kippur EP (1997) -- This home recording, all but abandoned by the band, is a good chronicle of their early days. The cover tunes show they are just getting started, while the originals maintain a fresh live feel which are polished on rerecordings of the same song on later albums. Their seriousness is hard to pin down. Did they do the Sunday morning standard "Majesty" (not to mention the Cookie Monster vocal version known as "Metallesty") in earnest? How encouraging is "Etc." really supposed to be? "Mind of McCracken" is the highlight and shows the direction the band will be headed. B

"The Elvis Single" (1999) -- The songs "No Ties" and "Proud, But Overthrown." -- A hint of the more polished version of Lately David, the single is named for the cover art. B

The Summer Sessions EP (1999) -- The two songs from their first single, two new versions of songs from the first EP, plus two brand new songs make up this EP. "The Mind of McCracken" is still the standout, while "You're Gone" adds some refreshing whimsy (not to mention the bonus tracks of dead space and studio banter, making the CD add up to 50 tracks). B

The American Music Revival (2000) -- This album, their first full length, summarizes what Lately David's been up to all these years. The best tracks tend to be the most over-the-top ones, the almost rock parodies. These include "Rock Is Dead," a washboard percussion country song; "Full Circle," a big dumb rock song; "Better," a supercharged jumparound; and "Sweet Lorraine," a Chuck Berry party rocker complete with horns. B

"Queen of New York" (2001) -- A single of one of Lately David's better new songs backed with an old one from the first EP. B

"Measure for Measure" (2002) -- Another good Lately David song, this time backed with the previous single. B

All the New Information (2003) -- The second LP, featuring the full band for the first time (a drummer and another guitarist/vocalist has been added). The styles are scattered because of the three songwriters in the band, but overall maintains the Lately David sound of classic rock. Standouts include "Talk About You," "Julie Ann," and "With You." This album finally features their theme song "Lately David." B

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