Tommy Burton

Tommy Burton writes heartfelt music about his life and beliefs. His solo work is an outlet for things which might not belong in his band Lately David, while at the same time being a testing-ground for potential Lately David songs.

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Suggested First Purchase: Viable College Market

Tommy Burton's Home Demos (1999) -- A "this doesn't really count / you can't really find this without looking" collection of four songs. B

t*mmy burt*n (2001) -- An album interesting (among other reasons) because of how it was made: Tommy recorded nine original songs singing and playing acoustic guitar, to serve only as demos and nothing else, and Rusty Spell (the one who recorded the demos) took them and added drums and keyboard parts, making them full songs "behind Tommy's back." The result is pretty interesting as well, with songs that end up being catchy little hits in spite of themselves, whether it's the upbeat "Dance" or the downbeat "Hidden." Wordwise, if you can get past the somewhat over-earnest and abstract lyrics (the word "truth" is used in almost every song, for example), there's a mix of sadness and joy to the words which works pretty well. B

Viable College Market (2003) -- A more polished and better-written version of Tommy's first solo album, Tommy firmly establishes himself as a solo artist separate from Lately David with this one. Not really a bad song on the entire album. B

So Much for Me (2003) -- Tommy Burton lays out his major influences on this covers album. Good, interesting, worthy covers all around. B

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